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Derick qutoe / Introstat

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Request ID: oZeOzI
Configurator: Eco Flip-Up 3 Inserts
Product Eco Flip-Up 3 Inserts

User Selections:

  • Base Price:R365.00
  • Power-In Options:R165.00
    • Hard Wired (2m Cable)R165.00
  • Base Colour:R20.00
    • BlackR20.00
  • First Insert:R245.00
    • HDMI Socket Black (ZPHDMIL)R245.00
  • Second Insert:R199.00
    • USB Charger Module Black (P2USBCHBL)R199.00
  • Third Insert:R79.00
    • 3-Pin SA Module Black (ZP16ABL)R79.00
  • Installation AccessoriesR69.00
    • Relief KitR69.00
50% Deposit Required for the Order to be Processed. Estimated Price Ex VAT:R1,142.00

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Customer Details:

Name Derick Haywood
Phone 0116952604