Established in 1983, Shuttle Inc. is headquartered in Taipei Taiwan and is a global information technology and manufacturing leader. Established as a manufacturer of computer motherboards, Shuttle utilized highly regarded Research and Development capabilities and patented cooling technologies and expanded to offer computer products. Today, Shuttle XPC computers consisting of consumer and commercial products including; Cube (mini-tower), Slim (1.3L and 3L), Nano, and All-in-One PCs. Shuttle also offers Digital Signage Media Players, Notebook Computers, and Tablets.

Shuttle has also invested years in software development for both Digital Education and Home Automation applications. Shuttle’s turnkey solutions now include EDUPAL Digital Education and SMARTVILLE smart living.
Shuttle boasts an extensive worldwide network of subsidiaries, resellers, partners, and suppliers.

Shuttle is a global company with a strong commitment to customer service; our talented and dedicated staff work meticulously to design, analyze and produce industry-leading, innovative, customizable computing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.