New digital technologies are constantly changing the way society communicates. Our vision is to embrace these technologies and create the environment needed for a truly connected world. We make this happen through cutting edge solutions that seamlessly connect, share, convert and extend a wide array of digital and analogue signals.


Progressive digitalization is shaping and changing our behaviour, home, workplace and public facilities, even whole cities. Digital technology is everywhere. Everything communicates: people, devices, appliances, vehicles and buildings. It is up to us to shape our digital future.

At Lindy, we are determined to make our environment more inspiring and our lives more productive through innovation and performance. We do this with one simple goal: connectivity. It is the basis of all communication. We create connections and make content available in all its diversity, in any location and in any environment.

Connectivity has been the core and driving force behind our actions for more than eight decades. We provide state-of-the-art technologies and products that bring people and content together. We do this by connecting, distributing and transforming analogue and digital signals, and by exploring and expanding the limits of signal transmission. By thinking holistically to ensure the harmonious integration of all components, we develop intelligent combined connectivity solutions that are merging the IT and AV worlds.

Digital technologies are permanently changing business markets. But they also open new opportunities allowing us to provide even more targeted support to our customers. That’s what drives us at Lindy. Our knowledge and broad product portfolio provides us with maximum flexibility. No matter what the needs of our partners and customers are, we provide the competitive edge with our combined connectivity solutions.