Offering KVM switches which enables the management of over 100 computers, satisfying both single/multi-platform users and enabling the easy control of all kinds of computers, including PS/2, Sun, and Mac

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Long-Term Strategy:
Rextron is on the cutting edge of IT trends. It has expanded its outlook from its beginnings as a KVM switch provider, and now produces a range of useful and dependable products. In the future, Rextron hopes to continue flourishing in Europe, U.S.A. and Asia as well as other new and emerging markets. A winning combination of high-quality product, excellent service and technical know-how has established a strong foundation which will continue to thrive. Rextron thrives on reliability and compatibility, regarding both products and customer relations.
By offering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, the Rextron brand is a global name you can trust and rely upon. The company is constantly looking for new ideas and innovations and will continue producing the highest grade and most compatible products possible while offering friendly and knowledgeable customer support to fulfil customer needs.
Service and Support:
Rextron has set up a well-organized customer service system to satisfy client’s needs all around the world. Our RMA policy allows Rextron products to be returned to service centres whenever they need to be inspected, repaired or updated. Customers are offered advanced, reliable and easy-to-use products, coupled with professional support and assistance.
Rextron has sold products through distributors in more than 45 countries. Customers can easily obtain necessary items, parts, accessories, updated software and services from Rextron local dealers. Furthermore, Rextron offers you the latest information and updates as regards new products and prices, and hopes to forge long-lasting relationships with all customers.
World-Wide success:
Over the past few years, Rextron has established itself as a leading manufacturer of KVM Switches, LCD Console Drawers, Extenders, Video Splitters and more.
The Rextron brand name is well known in Europe, North America, Japan and China and the company continue to advance into other markets. With a wealth of experience that is second to none and a policy of ‘one-stop shopping’, Rextron is the brand of choice for many customers worldwide including those in the fields of telecommunications, banking, traffic control and government institutions to name but a few.

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