Founded in 1998, a leading company in the IT field, Rextron International Inc. has dedicated its abundant development experience and design ability to the market of Digital Signage, KVM, and AV product integration. Starting from building its own brand “Rextron” at the initial stage of development, the company has gained a reputation for making high quality IT related products and earn the trust of its clients over 40 countries worldwide.

We are committed to providing our customers with engineering and manufacturing service, innovative design, and systematic production processes that include board design, PCB layout, software package development and test, artwork and a mechanical drawing, packing, and certification along the way to fulfill the requirement of the growing market. Rextron protects its and respects the innovation and intellectual property rights and invests heavily in applying for patents year by year and has owned more than 100 types of patents on KVM, AV, Switch, and Extender.