Maiwo has over 15 years of experience in OEM/ODM HDD storage since being established in 2005.
Maiwo’s mission is to provide the best DIY external storage solutions and are professionals in producing all kinds of SSD/HDD enclosures, HDD duplicators,USB adapters,SSD converters, PCI express cards, HDD accessories.

Maiwo commit themselves to providing innovative products and a service on the basis of the best quality. All products pass four processes of quality control, a full-check in the SMT process, IQC spot-check, full-check before assembly and QA spot-check when at final-product.
Maiwo ensure all articles are 0% defective before shipment.

In addition, Maiwo trust their R&D team’s expertise for the best hardware and software design, enabling Maiwo to be consistently the first-to-market and work well with OEM/ODM projects. RGB gaming HDD enclosures and docking stations are unique and Maiwo are competitive with other suppliers in this field, which is getting more and more popular worldwide, especially in Europe.